Japanese used vehicles are very popular worldwide for their quality and very affordable pricing. Cars from Japan are subjected to strict emission tests and quality control which are the main factors that encourage the sales of used cars in Japan than any other country. According to the data of a recent survey, over 100000 Japanese cars are used worldwide. No import tax and lots of bundled accessories have attracted many people around this planet towards the used Japan cars. With the huge popularity of the used Japan cars, many exporters have popped up recently. Moreover, used Japan cars can be ordered online too. With help of these online used car websites, you can get your dream car delivered to your doorsteps while you just relax in your home.

Japanese used cars are exported in a very high rate to more than 85 countries. Along with cars, Japan also exports buses, trucks and even heavy equipments like excavators. As no import tax is levied for the Japanese used vehicles, people find it more profitable to import used vehicles directly from Japan than buying them from their own country.

The Availability of spare parts

Before purchasing a used vehicle, many are really concerned about the availability of spares for the particular vehicles. In the case of used Japan cars, the spare parts are readily available in any Country. Moreover, the leading Japanese used car exporters assist the customers for buying the spare parts too. The spare parts for the used Japanese cars can also be ordered online.

Japan Auto Auction:

Japanese auto auctions are very popular worldwide. For the moment of truth, one can buy a used car in good condition for just $250.The fantastic competitive Auction Service, also facilities to make major and minor repairs, paint touch ups, customizations for the used cars. Online auto auctions have added more convenience to the import of used cars directly from Japan.

Additional Benefits

The Japanese used car dealers stand one step ahead for their additional services

like repainting the vehicles and to retouch the small scratches in bumpers and body panels with the specialists. Also, the Japanese used car dealers can bring up the exact factory color with the art paint mixer in their paint shop. Along with the car sales, the Japanese used car sellers also supply the dismantled parts of the vehicles in cube containers of size 20ft or 40 ft. These dismantled parts are bought for dead cheap prices today and they are re-assembled into a classy car.

Summing Up

The main benefits off importing cars directly from Japan are:

Low pricing

No Import tax

Lots of bundled accessories

Great assistance buying the spare parts.

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