Janet Davidson is thought to be the very first woman to ride a Harley Davidson motorcycle. The aunt of Arthur, Walter and William Davidson, Janet used her artistic talents to help her nephews out, by pin striping and

lettering their motorcycles.

in 100+ year history of the Harley Davidson Company, there have been many notable women riders. In Vivian Bale stopped and met with Harley Davidson dealers throughout the United States in 1929, as she made a trip of almost 5, 000 miles on her 45 Twin D Harley. After completing this legendary trek, Bale spent a number of years performing motorcycle stunts on the Florida

racing circuit.

The famous movie star and pinup girl of the 1950’s and 1960’s, Brigitte Bardot, had a great love of Harley Davidson Motorcycles. She in fact named the debut song of her hit single Harley Davidson. Bardot’s famous

photograph of herself astride her favorite Harley Davidson motorcycle, is still a favorite amongst Harley Davidson enthusiasts. The photo features Bardot wearing hot pants and a partially unzipped leather jacket, while sitting on her Harley.

Actress Elizabeth Taylor received a Purple Passion motorcycle from her friend Malcolm Forbes, an avid Harley Davidson rider himself. It was said that the bike’s coloring matched Taylor’s famous eyes.

Thanks to his starring role in the 1969 movie Easy Rider, Peter Fonda is regarded as one of the most famous Harley Davidson riders. A scene featuring Fonda with his co-star Dennis Hopper, bot on top of their Harleys, is still

considered one of the most iconic images in American cinematic history.

The founder of Forbes magazine, Malcolm Forbes, was one of the wealthiest men in America. Forbes loved giving away Harley Davidson motorcycles as gifts to

his close, personal friends. Forbes himself had a collection of 50 Harley Davidson motorcycles. It is interesting to note that Forbes did not begin riding motorcycles until he was in his late 40’s. He loved riding so much that he began collecting Harleys, from that point on. A personal endorsement of Harley Davidson motorcycles, by Forbes, helped to boost sales to new


Best known for his love of cars and his impressive automobile collection, Jay Leno also has great passion for Harley Davidson motorcycles. Leno’s love for

Harley Davidson motorcycles goes beyond riding, he even does his own maintenance and repair work on his Harley collection.

Other well-known Harley Davidson riders include: Elvis Presley, Don Johnson, Jackson Browne, Mickey Rourke and Tina Turner. Harley Davidson motorcycles have played a major supporting role in our culture. For example, who can forget Arnold Schwarzenegger, as the Terminator, riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle? During a campaign photo shoot, former President Bill Clinton

even shared the spotlight with a Harley.

Equally as well known, although not for positive reasons, is the motorcycle gang known as the Hells Angels. The Hell’s Angels have always favored Harley Davidson motorcycles, even though there has never been no known link to the Harley Davidson Company. The Hell’s Angels began in 1948 and by the 1960’s had become notorious throughout the United States and Canada for their ties to organized criminal activity. The site of this group of bikers entering a town atop their Harleys was enough to strike fear into the hearts of many people throughout the years.

Over the 100+ years of its history, Harley Davidson has established itself as a cultural icon. Those who ride Harleys are considered to be an elite group of motorcycle enthusiasts.

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