Water can be any car’s worst and stealthiest enemy.

Whether you have a new or used car, water is one of those things most car owners ignore and take for granted, thinking it’s just water, what harm could it possibly give. They may say that their cars are built to repel water and weather all harsh elements, but that’s most car owners. Well, like it or not, water will cause problems, and if neglected you could be in for a nasty surprise.

Flooding in Used Cars
A no-nonsense dictionary definition of flooding is: water where it is not wanted. Going the long technical route, flooding occurs most commonly from heavy rainfall when natural watercourses do not have the capacity to convey the excess water.

Floods however do not necessarily need to be caused by heavy rainfall. In coastal areas, inundation may occur because of a storm surge, tsunami, or a high tide coinciding with higher than normal river levels. Storm surges are most commonly caused by tropical cyclones, hurricanes and are usually located in Northern and Western states in Australia.

Most communities in Australia have experienced some level of flooding from high water due to heavy rains, overflowing riverbanks, torrential thunderstorms and other additional problems, which occur such as blocked and overworked drainage systems, and will result in flooding of the area. Flooding, therefore, can occur even in dry weather conditions.

And car owners know, if anything, that their precious used cars or new cars aren’t all that weather-proof without their care and intervention. If weather-proof paint in car roofs and hoods can stand the hardest rains, what about the car’s underside which gets exposed to likewise destructive floodwaters?

Floods are one of the most common and widespread of all disasters. Most of us have no choice but to drive our cars through raging floods. Especially for used cars, this is a crucial issue. While your used car may not have been flooded or completely covered in water that does not necessarily mean that you should not be concerned about water damage. Water damage is very unsafe if your engine and important parts of your used car have been contaminated.

How to Protect Your Used Car in Australia
Perhaps you drove through high water, or you may even have had an accident at the car wash, there is a chance then that you may have damaged your vehicle. Don’t put off inspecting your car till tomorrow. Water that gets left inside your car doesn’t just evaporate without first causing damage.

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