Children love to pretend. They want everything their mommies and daddies have in kiddy size, even cars. Teaching them road safety rules is easy and fun with colorful pedal cars.

Play and learn

Dolls, pedal cars, and Legos these are the favorite playthings of toddlers. From playing, they learn a lot about the things around them. Life’s lessons begin with the first tumble. From then on they learn how to avoid those nasty bumps.

From day one, children are smothered with toys. These are usually brightly colored non-toxic playthings. In the crib, a baby can gaze at the decorative mobile and hear the tinkling sounds. This is a way of teaching the child to use his visual and auditory senses. He learns to develop his motor skills by grasping toys and learns their texture by putting the rattle in his mouth.

From mobiles to pedal cars

The nursery mobile loses its appeal when babies are ready for bigger and more interesting things. The little tykes want to have pedal cars, electric trains, kites, and bikes. Parents should take the time to teach the children how to use their toys properly to prevent injury. Toys bought should also be appropriate for the child’s age. Three-year-olds can start driving pedal cars but only under the watchful eye of an adult.

One dad brought his little boy along for a drive. He explained that driving a car is a big responsibility. The little passenger listened intently as his Dad explained that drivers must follow rules and must be good on the road. When they returned home, the little one asked if he should also be careful when driving his pedal cars. His dad told him to avoid hitting mommy and the dog. Like daddy, he must watch where he was going. The little boy learned very early the rudiments of safe driving.

The child can be taught where to park his cars when the play is over. He can play pretend by cleaning the car. You can check his toy car regularly for defects along with him.

Pedal cars galore

Pedal cars come in different designs and colors. If you see one, you’ll want them all. Classic Pedal cars provide children leg exercise when they drive on the lawn or indoors. They also learn to coordinate their hand-leg movements by speeding down the hallways. They quickly learn when to brake, so they are encouraged to think fast.

There are several models to choose from Sidewalk Cruisers, Race Cars, fire engines, jalopies, and flashy sports cars. You can surprise the young ones with a storage disguised as a gas pump. There are also pedal planes, bikes, and motorcycles. These toys are built to last with durable materials.

When buying toys

Before buying toys, check the label for age recommendations. Find out if the pedal cars are flame retardant. Also check out the hinges and fastenings. When you take home one, show your child how to use and store it safely. They may not be able to do it perfectly, but it would be a nice try.

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