It’s a Cube! It’s a Leaf! It’s a cartoon character! Actually, it’s the Townpod EV concept and it’s a little difficult to describe. It has that Japanese flair, but just what is its purpose in the auto world? Nissan says the Townpod EV will fill the gap between commercial and private vehicles.

Your car dealership of NJ is just impressed with the innovative style it brings. With descriptions like a coupe-esque bonnet and the body as a visor-like wraparound, blue-tinted glass house, this is definitely something unique. The target buyer is an interesting mix as well – it’s for everyone. If you need to haul stuff or people and want to make some money at it, this could be the ride for you.

The headlamps are whimsical, with covers that resemble blue petals and change position with headlight use. Inside, the Townpod boasts lots of space that can be arranged to fit your needs or the needs of passengers. A display screen can coordinate with your current tech device for easy use. Customers of Newark used Nissan cars may want to put this on their wish list now.

Caterers, florists, B&B owners might all find this a most charming vehicle to use in their business and it would definitely be recognizable. Nissan doesn’t say when it will become available in the U.S. market, but if enough customers start making requests it might be sooner rather than later. With so many people turning entrepreneurial in today’s economy, the Townpod might have an even bigger audience than Nissan anticipated. Time and the economy will tell, I suppose.

The electric aspect of the vehicle may not have as much appeal as its unparalleled looks or cargo space. But buyers will certainly appreciate it. Nissan’s general manager of Exploratory and Advance Planning Department stated, What is more revealing is that Nissan Townpod users do not appreciate stereotypes or status symbols. For them, the ultimate status is to have no status.

Well, that may be true outside of Facebook, but owning such a quirky ride will definitely give them some kind of status. Those already familiar with the Townpod would likely agree. Customers of car dealerships in NJ can check with their dealer to find out when this EV might be available.

Newark used car buyers can also check out the large array of sedans, crossovers, SUVs and trucks available at their local showroom. From the basic to the luxury, Nissan offers a model for all budgets and all lifestyles. Whether that lifestyle includes hauling around your kids and their stuff, other people’s stuff or even other people, Townpod or minivan, Nissan has a vehicle that will accommodate.

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