Does the thought of driving through the great open outdoors bring a major sparkle to your eyes most of the times? Do you love to completely feel the cool breeze in your hair as you step on the gas on the highways and the country roads? Then the first thing you should very specifically eye is an excellent SUV that can plow through the various harsh landform and the extremely hostile weather conditions that the great outdoors can throw at it.

The RAV4 from the house of Toyota is one of your best options to be chosen. For the starters, this is one of the most affordable high end SUVs around that is available. Right from its phase of launch in the year 1994, this particular car has given the opportunity to the SUV lovers to proudly explore the great outdoors in ways they could not even imagine before. Here are just some of the major reasons why this particular car has ruled the roost amongst the SUVs for quite a few years now.

1. Excellent safety measures: All season tires that the work perfectly in most hostile weather conditions along with the Toyota’s very own STAR Safety System make the car one of the safest to be driven. Besides, the additional safety additions like the rear bumper step with the black protector molding and the child safe locks on all the doors were pretty thoughtful additions in this fabulous vehicle. All the safety systems are the standard features in all the models of the Toyota RAV4.

Manufactured by Hyundai Motors from the years 2000 to 2005, the fact that it shares a drive-train with the Sonata should not be construed in order to mean that they are all the same. The Optima’s dashboard tells of a refined tradition, its steering is lower and the overall suspension hugely dissimilar and that is why it loses to the Sonata when it comes to the braking.

2. Good fuel efficiency: An SUV that considerably gets 19 miles per gallon in the urban driving conditions and 26 miles per gallon on the highways is very fuel efficient. All the driver needs to do is fill up the tank, and go out to very well explore his entire surroundings, keeping all the worries about being stranded without a gas station nearby out of mind.

3. Power-packed: A V6 engine under the hood, with a powerful 5-speed automatic transmission packs plenty of the punch to get the driver through a host of the unforgiving landforms. The engine manages to very competently post a torque rating of approximately 246 at 4,700 rotations per minute. The 4-wheel drive, is being supported by four 17″ aluminium wheels that allows the silky smooth driving, even in the most hostile weather conditions.

The Toyota RAV4got a new hybrid model in the year 2011. Until then, the gasoline driven variant is the only one that was available, but the weekend adventurers should not at all worry, even the general model of this SUV is enough to satisfy the adventurer in you in a major way. The Tesla Model S reviews are also great and these great reviews from the experts have added considerably to the popularity of the car and boosted the sale in a considerable manner.

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